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Size: 22x28 INCHES Year: 2004
Description: Pedro Lazaro was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1949. While studying art at Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro, he was also teaching free-style drawing. In his adolescence, Lazaro expanded his conquest into painting landscapes, human figure, and three dimensional works. While living in Bahia, Lazaro's work experienced a period of change and growth, deeply influenced by Bahia's vivid landscapes of virgin beaches. Upon his return to Rio de Janeiro Lazaro in a freer and more expressive style, where organic forms were predominant, turned his work into abstract. His paintings are exuberant and lush, which a vigorous contrast of subtlety and action, where texture, color and surface are the defining characteristics of his work. Each painting is a result of a soulful activity where a subjective approach with random patterns and shifting lines are the main subject. Today, Pedro Lazaro works in various mediums including paper drawing, sculptures in stone, wood, marble and clay. He also works on illustrations for books, magazines and newspapers. During the '90's Lazaro moved to Miami, Florida, where he is a currently living and working. In 2001 Pedro Lazaro received the Fifth Annual Brazilian International Press Award as acknowledgment for his contribution to the positive image of Brazil and Brazilians in the United States. In 2003 he received the ward "The Best in the Show-Exhibition Art and Poetry" from the Latin American Museum of Miami. Hand signed by the artist. Artwork is in excellent condition. Certificate of Authenticity included.
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